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Community Education Service FAQs

Is my information kept private?

The information you provide us will be private and held in confidence. It will only be used to allow you to register for sessions. No identifying information will be released, unless in special circumstances when consent to release information has been given.  

Where can I find information about current sessions?

Please click on one of the following for current course information.

Growing Together Guide

Is a referral required to attend a course?

No referrals are required.


Are the courses only for parents?

There are a variety of courses/workshops:

How do I register for an education session?

There are 2 ways to register:

To register online, click here 


For Community Education Service Courses and Workshops please call 905-521-2100 ext. 74147

Can I bring my baby/child with me to a parent/caregiver session?

Our sessions are set up for adult learning. While we will not turn away anyone who comes with a baby or child, it is recommended not to bring children as they may disturb others' learning.

What if I missed a session in which I was registered?

If the program is ongoing, just attend the following session.  If the program was a one time workshop, please refer to the Growing Together Guide to check for other available dates..

Can I still get the handouts if I missed a session in which I was registered?

If the program is ongoing, you will be able to get the missed handouts at a following session.  If you missed a one time workshop, you will have to attend the workshop on a future date inorder to get the workshop materials.